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Brace's Historic Rally Car


Brace’s Branded Historic Ford Escort RS1800 appears in many rallies....

....can be seen in many rallies in Wales’ forestry stages. Historic rallying has become one of the most competitive and hotly contested forms of motorsport over the last decade.

Watch Brace's Neath Valley Rally on You Tube.

Enthusiasts will know that rallying is an exhilarating sport for both competitors and spectators. Spectators stand and watch in all weathers, lining the roads in the most bleak and far flung places, often wrapping up to suffer the harsh cold and wet conditions

Rallying is a spectacular sport, definitely fast and furious. Historic rallying has taken off because the cars are fun to drive, (I think every ‘would be’ rally driver wants to go sideways) technically simple, the most spectacular to watch.  The Ford Cosworth BDG engine revving to 10,000rpm producing 250bhp+ pushing less than 1 tonne, making some of the best noises and are still very fast. 

Many of today's top WRC drivers possess a Ford Escort rally car, for example Mikko Hirvonen, Jari Matti Latvali and Ford Team Boss Malcolm Wilson.  Also the late great Colin McRae had a very special Escort and works Mini driver Kris Meeke proves to be a star in one and should be checked out on You Tube.  Amazing!

One of the best Clubman Rallies in Wales!

 If you have any rally photos of yourself or colleagues, we would love to see them. Upload them on Brace's photo gallery not forgetting to include a bit of covering text.