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A Year’s supply of Brace’s Bread goes to one lucky winner from Blackwood

29 January 2016

The Christmas rush might be over and decorations stowed away in the attic, but Abby Parsons will be celebrating until next year with a gift that keeps on giving – a year’s supply of Brace’s Bread.

On the countdown to Christmas, Brace’s gave away a prize a day to its loyal customers with a competition on social media. From Welsh cakes to branded goodies, Wales’ family-run bakery spread a little festive cheer to twelve lucky winners.

The ultimate prize, a year’s supply of Brace’s Bread, went to Abby Parsons from Blackwood.

Abby said: “I’m absolutely thrilled to be receiving a year’s supply of bread from Brace’s. I saw the competition on Facebook and it looked fun, so I thought I’d give it a go and enter. I never thought I would win but I’ll be celebrating with a round of toast now!”

Scott Richardson, CEO of Brace’s Bakery, said: “We really value our customers and Christmas was the perfect time for us to say thank you for their continued support. Big congratulations to Abby, our top prize winner!”

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