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School VisitBrace’s Bakery is over 100 years old and is still very much a family run business. Whenever possible Brace's are keen to support the local communities in their activities, as much of our success is down to the loyalty of our customers.

If you wish to apply for sponsorship for your organisation or request a product donation, please write or email, with full details of your team event or project.  Awards are made by Brace's Bread Funding Committee against the following specific criteria:

  • Only organisations, not individuals can apply
  • Only organisations unable to benefit from large, national funding sources can apply
  • Donations have to be used to meet a specific need or complete a specific project and not simply go towards general funds
  • All decisions made by Brace's Funding Committee are final

Brace’s Funding Committee meet on a regular basis to discuss all applications received and will respond to everyone on an individual basis.

Pease write to:
Brace’s Funding Committee
Brace's Bakery Limited, Pen-y-fan Industrial Estate,
Crumlin, NP11 3EF
or email: