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Bread Superstitions

  • Whoever eats the last piece of bread has to kiss the cook
  • It is bad luck to cut an unbaked loaf
  • If you burn bread it means your sweetheart is angry with you
  • To prevent ghosts from calling, leave bread and coffee under your house
  • Eating bread baked by a woman whose maiden name is the same as her married name is a cure for many illnesses 
  • If all the bread is eaten, the next day will be good
  • If you put a piece of bread in a baby's cradle, it will keep away disease
  • Murphy's Law dictates that buttered bread will always land buttered-side down
  • Cutting bread in an uneven manner is a sign that you have been telling lies
  • When a couple or group of friends are walking down the street holding hands and an obstacle comes between them,  they must say "bread and butter" to keep the union, until their hands meet again
  • A loaf of bread should never be turned upside down after a slice has been cut from it