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Food Hygiene in the Home

Keep your food safe at home

Wash hands before preparing food
Wash hands as you go
Wash hands after handling raw meat
 - use an anti-bacterial soap

Wear a clean apron
Tie back long hair
Cover cuts and sores with a waterproof plaster
Do not cough or sneeze over food

Storage in the Fridge

Keep perishable high risk foods such as meat, fish eggs and milk products in the fridge. Your fridge temperature should be below 8 degrees centigrade.

Uncooked foods such as raw meat, raw fish and raw poultry must be stored in the bottom of the fridge

Cooked and ready to eat food should be kept on the top shelves
 - this will stop cross contamination

Never use the same chopping board for preparing raw meat / raw fish and food already cooked.  Also use a separate chopping board for vegetables and salad.

Wash the utensils and chopping boards thoroughly in hot soapy water after each use.



Help Prevent Food Poisoning - If in doubt, throw it out!

  • Put food away as soon as you are done with it
  • Throw away any food that has gone off-colour or food that has warmed to room temperature for an unknown period of time
  • Don’t keep cooked meat, fish or dairy products at room temperature. As appropriate keep them piping hot or cold

Make sure food is cooked thoroughly all the way through – meat juices should run clear.

Make sure frozen food is completely defrosted before cooking, unless the manufacturing label says otherwise.

Keep your kitchen and equipment clean - consider using an anti-bacterial spray.