Environmental Management Policy

Brace’s Bakery Limited is a brand leading business that produces a wide range of bread which is sold to retailers, the food service and sandwich manufacturers throughout the UK.

Brace’s Bakery Limited recognises the need to reduce the adverse environmental impacts which are generated through our manufacturing activities. Through the development and implementation of our Environment Management System we will identify areas for improvement thus reducing our impact on the environment.

Brace’s Bakery Limited is fully committed to ensure that we:

• Comply with all relevant legislation and other requirements.

• Manage our energy consumption to minimise the direct emission of greenhouse gases.

• Manage our waste and recycling streams appropriately and accordingly prevent pollution occurring as a result of our activities.

• Continuously improve our environmental performance by understanding how our business impacts the environment and then setting challenging yet realistic objectives and targets each year.

• Are cognisant of environmental issues when sourcing our raw materials.

• Strive to manufacture products as efficiently as possible using the minimum raw materials and resources necessary.

• Promote awareness of our environmental issues together with our annual environmental objectives and targets

These commitments will be realised by reviewing, at least annually, our policy and performance so that it remains both relevant and effective. The data gathered by such reviews will then be used to set challenging yet achievable targets for future improvement.

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